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3 Easy Ways to Reduce Plastic Use

The reason for this post is due to an experience I had today. Today, my girlfriend and I went to Winding Waters Natural Area in West Palm Beach, FL. It is a beautiful nature preserve that sits on 548 acres of land. There are hiking trails, a kayak launch, and I also saw a few people fishing.

Near the kayak launch, in the calm water where lily pads sat, I saw two plastic bottles floating. In that moment it hit me that even in a beautiful, well kept nature preserve, there is still a problem with plastic. We might not be able to remove all of the plastic in our environment, but we can all do a few small things each day that can help prevent these issues.

1. Don't Buy Bottled Water

Unless us Floridians are preparing for a Hurricane, do not buy plastic water bottles. This is a huge issue that we constantly see in our world. Whether it is in our oceans, on the side of the road, or in a nature preserve. Plastic bottles are everywhere and we can easily put a stop to it. Buy a water filter for your home. I have had a refillable water filter in my fridge for years. It is just as good, or even better than the water you receive in plastic bottles.

Also, buy a reusable cup. There are plenty of different brands at the store that you can choose from. All are fair priced and worth the purchase.

2. Stop Using Plastic Straws

During our beach cleanups, this is the most seen piece of plastic we find. The amount of straws we see is astonishing, which makes me think how many plastic straws are still floating around in our ocean. When you go out to eat, most places now only provide a straw if you ask. Say no to plastic straws. I have also seen metal straws available at local stores that you can use instead. Overall, straws are not necessary for your drinks.

3. Reusable Shopping Bags

All grocery stores offer reusable shopping bags. Buy several of them and keep reusing them. Plastic bags are a huge danger to  our environment and wildlife. In the water, plastic bags look like a jellyfish and sea turtles feed on jellyfish. 


According to, there is roughly 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic in our ocean. It is also estimated that around one million plastic bags are used each minute of the day.

Can you believe that number? It all starts and ends with us. I can make a difference, you can make a difference and WE can make a difference together. We might not be able to clean all of the plastic in the ocean, but we can all do our part to make sure we reduce our plastic use and slowly make our world a better place. 

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